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The Charities we Support

The World Chefs Tour Against Hunger currently provides food monthly to eight charities in six provinces. Below is the list of charities...

Johannesburg - Gauteng

Akani, Diepsloot

THE REACH: 750 children (including 50 orphans) are fed breakfast and lunch daily

Akani is a Shangani word meaning ‘to build.’ The aim of the programme is to provide a support centre for children in Diepsloot and the surrounding areas, just north of Johannesburg in South Africa.

Akani strives to make a difference in the lives of these underprivileged children with a vision of nurturing them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and thereby enabling them to become informed, balanced and productive citizens. AKANI’S mission statement is: with us ‘EVERY CHILD CAN’.

Our children have a right to education, recreational facilities, adequate nutrition, peace and good health. And they have a right to protection from poverty. At AKANI, the children receive educational support of their school curriculum including numeracy, literacy, crafts, religious instruction and life skills (hygiene nutrition etc.).

They are provided with one meal every day and for a number of these children it could be the only meal they receive. A library and small sporting facilities are available. AKANI has now employed, on a part time basis, 11 parents from the community who assist the principal with the teaching. Assistance by volunteers recruited from the community and the Bryanston Methodist Church is also given.

For more information about AKANI Diepsloot Foundations visit


  African Children Feedg Scheme (ACFS)

THE REACH: 1200 families are supported through food parcels on a monthly bases, assisting approximately 5000-6000 children per month and 31,000 children supported by ACFS, on a daily basis with peanut butter sandwiches and milk

ACFS’s history goes back to 1945, when the late Bishop Trevor Huddleston started soup kitchens in winter for hungry children in Alexandra and Soweto. Five years later, the first permanent feeding centre was established and the scheme was feeding 4,000 children daily.

Early on ACFS rejected the idea of hand-outs. The organisation believes that the problem was caused by poverty and lack of knowledge – and the focus of the scheme turned to health education and programmes designed to help poverty-stricken people become economically independent.

ACFS have improved the quality of life for so many people, and helped to combat the scourge of malnutrition, poverty and HIV/AIDS. The needs of the communities ACFS serves have increased significantly in recent years; firstly, as a result of the scourge of HIV and AIDS which has left many families without breadwinners and – more recently – the global economic recession which has led to the loss of some 35 000 jobs nationwide every month.

Against this background, ACFS works tirelessly to improve the quality of life for those hardest hit – in particular orphans and vulnerable children, child-headed households and those in the care of elderly grandmothers. We operate throughout Soweto, Kagiso, Tshepisong in the West Rand, Alexandra, Thembisa, Kwa-Thema and Tsakane in the East Rand.

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Durban - KwaZulu-Natal

Just Us 4 Children


THE REACH: 650 children receiving 2 meals per day in 4 schools

Just Us 4 Children exists because child abuse is on the rise and many parents, teachers and care-givers in South Africa are not equipped to identify child abuse, nor do they have the resources or education necessary to assist a victim of abuse. As a result, many children do not have anywhere to turn or do not know that they are being abused.

The organisation’s sole objective of raising funds is to provide holistic solutions for prevention, intervention and assistance for all children who have been or will be affected by abuse.

Just Us 4 Children aims to identify children who are being abused, whether intentionally (sexual, physical, emotional and neglect) or unintentionally (neglect) and alleviate their suffering and the long term effects.

Just Us 4 Children mostly operates out of the Methodist Church in Greyville, Durban. Here they assist children on Monday (0-13 years) or Thursday (14-17 years) evenings, by providing each child with a meal, as well as providing a variety of activities like painting, projects and support groups.  Meals are prepared daily at the Methodist Church, by 71 year old Hilton. Just Us 4 Children also supports four crèches and primary schools in the greater Durban area:

For more information on Just Us 4 Children -



Hands at Work


Hands at Work is a Christian, non-profit organisation working in over 60 communities across Africa where AIDS/HIV, poverty and numbers of orphans are high, and support structures are very low.  Hands at Work’s vision is to see the local church in Africa transforming their communities and caring for the most vulnerable.

The organisation is committed to work among the poorest of the poor communities in Africa, supporting the leaders in developing a locally-owned organisation in their community to begin long-term relationship of service and partnership.  This on-going mentorship provides care for the most vulnerable children, ensuring them access to basic food security, education and health.

Within South Africa, Hands at Work operate in two key regions: Bushbuckridge and Clau Clau. Within these regions, Hands at Work supports 11 community based organisations, aiming to increase each ones capacity and sustainability to care for their most vulnerable children. Within these 11 communities, Hands at Work are currently feeding 600 children, identified as the most vulnerable and in need of this essential care. .

200 children from these two regions benefit from the dry goods received. They are hugely vulnerable and are dependent on daily feeding programmes operating in their communities. By receiving these dry goods, Hands at Work and the local communities can ensure their most vulnerable children are being cared for in an effective and essential way.

For more information on Hands at Work, please visit


East London - Eastern Cape

Nkwezana Primary School

THE REACH: 225 children supported at school with breakfast and lunch, from Monday to Friday

The school was originally established by the community of Nkwezana farms in the 1950s. It was made out of mud bricks, and occupied the land of a farmer called Mr John Mountford, which was situated on the way to Rainbow Seedlings Farm. In September 1995, the school moved from its original place to Crossways Commercial area.

All the learners attending Nkwezana come from the local farms. Some of the parents are farm workers, some are unemployed and some of the learners are orphans, or are looked after by a grandparent. The school currently belongs to the state, and falls under the Eastern Cape Department of Education.

The school caters for Grades R to 7, with many grade levels having to share classrooms, i.e. Grades 2 & 3, Grades 4 & 5, and Grades 6 & 7, due to lack of classroom facilities. The kitchen is poorly equipped, with minimal facilities, by very well maintained and looked after with pride. The school currently caters for 225 learners

Nkwezana Primary School aims to produce learners who will become responsible adults, who will be independent in life and who will be good and loyal citizens of the country. The school’s mission is to develop learners holistically, i.e. mentally, physically, socially, morally and spiritually by instilling sound values and positive attitude in order for them to be ready to face the world when their schooling years are over.

For more information, kindly contact the Principal, Tenji Tyali, on 078-631-7718, or email her at


Bloemfontein, Free State

Elanja Children's Initiative

THE REACH: 600 children receive support and food daily

Elanja Children's Initiative was founded in 1999 and is a non-profit organisation working to meet the daily needs of about 600 underprivileged coloured children in Heidedal, Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Elanja is funded by sponsorships and donations and is supported by several volunteers in Bloemfontein. The project is focused on primary school children who are enrolled at the four primary schools in Heidedal, as we believe that younger children are generally less able to fend for themselves than older children.
The organisation’s goal is to make a life changing and lasting difference in the lives of these desperate children. Elanja aims to transform communities by working with children and their families by sowing our lives and resources, gifts, talents, time and finances in expectation of a better future for every individual in Heidedal.
Children receive one meal per day from Mondays to Saturday at the different schools where the food is also prepared. Non-perishable food is stocked for children with individual nutritional needs. Needy families of the children are supplied with food parcels, on short-term basis, as part of crisis intervention.

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Western Cape

Love 2 Give 2 Children, Stellenbosch

THE REACH: 100 families are supprted through feeding schemes and 1200 children are supprted through food parcels

Stellenbosch Community Development Programme (SCDP) aims to eradicate all forms of malnutrition in Kayamandi and Stellenbosch, and in so doing, to alleviate poverty amongst the beneficiaries.
SCDP provides 1600 children (crèche and school) with a peanut butter sandwich, piece of fruit and cup of milk every school day and all school holidays apart from one month over the festive season. Those who have been identified as being critically malnourished are provided with a fortified and enriched porridge which they receive daily. SCDP believes that undernourished children cannot study and learn. Nourished children can.
SCDP’s secondary development boundary is sustainable livelihoods. The food parcel programme is a supportive intervention for 100 unemployed parents for six months, during which time they are nurtured, trained and enabled to develop lives that are more independent and sustainable. This is a very exciting intervention and we have many success stories to date of families whose lives have been positively changed through our programme.

100 families in Kayamandi and Stellenbosch, with an average of six people per family are supported for a period of six months only, after which SCDP start with a new intake of 100 families. After families have exited our programme, we continue to mentor and assist them where necessary.

For more information about Love 2 Give 2 Children, kindly visit -


Beautiful Gate

THE REACH:  35 HIV-positive children are homed at the on-site orphanage and fully supported with daily meals from Monday to Sunday and 500 children are supported in the community through feeding schemes/ food parcels

Beautiful Gate South Africa is an interdenominational Christian organisation providing care and support to vulnerable children and families. The organisation aims to restore the capacity of the community and of families to care for their children or, where this is not possible, to find alternative families.

Beautiful Gate is situated in the Philippe and Crossroads area, in a township called Nyanga, between Gugulethu and Khayelitsha, in Cape Town. Many residents suffer due to high unemployment and social problems, such as drug/alcohol abuse, gangsterism, teenage pregnancy and a high rate of crime. Nyanga also has one of the highest HIV infection rates in the province. Many live with the fear that they will be rejected by family and friends because of the stigma attached to the disease.

The organisation believes that the best place for each child is within a family, and that the best way to support families is to enable their community to provide support. Strong family and cultural values help to ensure children are cared for when their immediate family cannot look after them.  However, the increasing numbers of orphans due to HIV and violence means that some children are neglected or abandoned. Other families find themselves unable to look after children who are often ill and in need of especially good nutrition and health care.

For more information on Hands At Work, please visit