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Whether you are a trained chef who wants to brush up on particular skills, a community caterer who would like a more formal culinary education or a passionate foodie who is eager to learn more, the Tsogo Sun Centre for Culinary Excellence has just the courses for you. There are one-day, five-day and ten-day courses that cover a variety of different topics such as chocolate, molecular gastronomy, knife skills, pastry, bread making, desserts, butchery and more.

The vision of the CCE, incorporating the Vulcan Skills Kitchen and a Culinary Theatre, is to encompass both the theoretical and practical aspects of gastronomic art, which will - through education and training - enhance the science of cookery in South Africa.

Its mission is to address the skills shortage in South Africa, thereby enabling all segments of the industry to grow and broaden the base; encouraging previously disadvantaged chefs and caterers to participate more fully. 

The purpose of the Tsogo Sun Centre for Culinary Excellence (CCE) is to encourage sustainable growth, which is dependent upon skills and manpower development. Exceptional growth within the industry needs to be underpinned by the relevant skills and manpower development, in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the industry. 

The growth of the informal sector (hawkers, tavern owners, township caterers and B&Bs) is expected to be in line with normal industry expansion, but has its own special training needs, which are currently not being addressed. The aim of the skills kitchen, with regards to small and medium enterprises; is to develop and offer both craft and business skills - in the form of continued learning modules.

Our skilled chef lecturers at CCE will also be able to tailor make courses for parties, team building and skills development.

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