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Mission and Vision


South African National Culinary Team – our Olympians of the food world!

With the support of Imperial, through LSC, the South African National Culinary Team, our Olympians of the food world, are going for gold in the IKA Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany in 2016.

This national team is to food what the Springboks are to rugby, and is the official team that represents South Africa internationally in culinary competitions.

The IKA Culinary Olympics is the oldest and most prestigious global culinary competition, and the team is working hard to ensure that South Africa competes with excellence against other national culinary teams from around the world.

In preparation for the Olympics, the team attend regular practice sessions to perfect the team’s hot kitchen menu and cold table presentation to ensure that both can be executed with world-class excellence.

The Mission
To showcase South Africa’s culinary diversity.

The Vision
Our vision is to become one, strong unit.
All for one and one for all.
We also aim to set the foundation for future South African National Culinary Teams.

We strive to leave a legacy and position ourselves as one of the Top 10 National Culinary Teams in the world.