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Jerome Norton

Jerome Norton
Reuben's, One&Only Cape Town

Having schooled at Carter High in Pietermaritzburg, Jerome went on to complete a BsocSc Degree at the University of KwaZulu-Natal with a triple major in Psychology, Marketing and Philosophy. Not content at the thought of spending his days behind a desk, he took up an offer to train as a butcher – ultimately qualifying as a block-man in 2007.

After following his family to Johannesburg a year later, he was finally afforded the opportunity to explore his passion in the food industry – and decided to become a chef !

After studying at the HTA School of Culinary Art, Jerome has taken up a position at Sandton Sun, working under Chef Garth Shnier. In addition, he has won the McCain’s Tribute to Good Taste in 2008, and a finalist of the Goldcrest Young Chef of the Year in the same year. 

Jerome was Executive Sous Chef of Arabella Western Cape Hotel & Spa before taking up his current position as Chef de Cuisine at Reuben's.


What is your philosophy on food? Everyone gets happy eating it, so how can you not get happy preparing it!
What inspired you to become a chef? Seeing the smiles on my family's faces each time I prepared a meal for them. Or maybe they were just being nice?
Globally, which chef do you admire? Marco Pierre White
If you couldn't be a chef, which profession would you take up? A Dutch towing car racing driver!
Other than food and cooking, what inspires you? Music, science and nature
What was your worst culinary catastrophe? My last practical exam at college! Somehow I still managed to pass...
What is your fondest memory of 
being in the kitchen?
My first time on the grill and pushing out 200 pax a' la carte - with lots of help!
What do you eat for breakfast? Cocoa Pops - although if I have some time, nothing beats bacon and mozzarella on a hot croissant!
What dish would you cook to seduce someone? Tempura Oysters and a Chocolate Fondue
What is the one dish you find 
difficult to get right?
Creme Caramel