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Chef Salary Scales

Chef Salary Guidelines

Please find below a salary scale for kitchen.

Please note: These salaries are approximate and vary due to market forces. This is purely a guideline based on recent placements and job specifications. In certain environments chefs may earn more or alternatively less than the following salaries. These are based on basic salaries and not cost to company.



3 star

5 star


Executive Chef

R35000 – R45000

R40000  – upwards

Exec Sous Chef

R25000 – R30000

R28000 – R37000

Sous Chef

R15000 – R20000

R18000 – R23000

Chef de Partie

R6000 – R8000

R7000 – R10000

Jnr Chef de Partie

R4500 – R5500

R5000 – R6500

Commis Chef

R4000 – R4500

R4000 – R4500

As of March 2016