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Changing Lives

NYCTP upskills young, unemployed people to become chefs, giving them the support and training they need to succceed in SA's growing hospitality industry.

Here is what some of our students have to say...

I am a Diploma Student at the International Hotel School and I want to thank NYCTP for giving me this chance. 
I am a better person because of you and I am looking forward to working hard to achieve my diploma. - Hlengiwe Hadebe

It has been an exciting rollercoaster and I am very happy to be where I am today. And 
I believe my CV speaks for itself as I keep getting calls from establishments offering me jobs. That is all thanks to SACA and The Department of Tourism. Big up to u people.
- Sanele Zondi

Once again, my heartfelt gratitudes are being extended to you for such a wonderful programme I am in. Today, Sous Chef Carol Mafoko at the Croc Lounge - Lost City, afforded me a very wonderful opportunity of creating my own Chef Special and preparing it from the scratch. I prepared spinach and feta stuffed chicken breasts, wrapped with bacon and... served with herbed baby potatoes and sauce mornay. This was well executed because it was sold out.  To me this was a great motivation and an indication that I am on a right track. Yes its a small thing but I believe that small beginnings has great endings. Chef Carol was impressed and she decided that I will be in charge of Chef's Special going forward.
Taking ownership of this dish really made me proud and happy. Thanks to Chef Carol for being my personal coach and mentor in these few weeks of November. It is much appreciated. - Wonder Mosina

As another year draws to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the Department of Tourism, SACA, RBI as well as Sun City for all they did for us during this past year. We appreciate the tremendous support and guidance we received from you. We are all very grateful. As Rustenburg students, 'platinum chefs' we wish you a relaxing and peaceful festive season with family and friends. May 2014 bring us all what is best.
- Rustenburg Students