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Academy of Chefs

The Academy of Chefs, is the honour society of the South African Chefs Association, and is the vehicle for SACA to recognise the achievements of its members.

The Academy’s Mission:

The primary goal of the Academy will be interaction amongst members nationally. The Goal of the Academy members is to demonstrate the highest standards of professionalism in the organisation, society and industry. The goal will be to create and promote programs that benefit our young chefs or soon to be chefs, targeting schools and other training providers. Academy members promote education in this profession and support those efforts by passing on the skills, training and expertise they possess. Academy members are always accountable for presenting a positive image throughout the local, regional and national communities at events they attend and or sponsor. Academy members are supportive and willing to accept the challenge to serve as culinary advisors to the Tsogo Sun Centre of Culinary Excellence (CCE), as well as be willing to assist at Academy dinners. 


Criteria to be considered for induction into the Academy of Chefs

  1. The candidate needs to be in the culinary profession as a Chef de Cuisine or a Senior Culinary Educator at an accredited school for a combined period of no less than twenty (20) years. During ten (10) of those years the candidate must have been a Fellow Member of the South African Chefs Association and in good standing.
  2. The candidate must have served on a Regional or National Committee of SACA for at least one term or have represented South Africa as part of the National Team.
  3. The candidate must have attended a minimum of two SACA Chefs Conferences.
  4. The candidate must be sponsored by two (2) senior SAAOC members. A senior SAAOC member is a member that has been inducted into the SAAOC for more than five (5) years prior to being asked to sponsor a new candidate. The SAAOC member is only permitted to sponsor one (1) candidate every four (4) years. The SAAOC member must submit a written recommendation of at least 100 words on the candidate’s behalf.
  5. The candidate must submit detailed curriculum vitae which will cover all the above requirements. The candidate must also attach all relevant supporting documents. The candidate must also submit two colour pictures, high resolution printing quality and not older than twelve (12) months in chef’s whites with a toque. These pictures must not be smaller than 5 x 7 and must also be submitted in electronic format.


Submission of the application for membership to SAAOC

·      Download your application form here

·         The complete application form needs to reach SACA Head Office in a sealed envelope addressed as follows:


  •   South African Chefs Association
  •   For the Attention of: The Chairman of the Academy of Chefs
  •   Application for membership to the AOC

    ·         The content needs to be as follows:

    •  Proof of payment of the application fee of R100.00 which is a non-refundable fee
    • Proof of payment of the induction fee of R1000.00 which is refundable in the event of the application being denied
    • The completed application form
    • The two written recommendations from Senior AOC Members
    • All supporting documentation
    • Any additional supporting documents that the candidate wishes to submit, that clearly define the candidate’s commitment to the industry
    • An electronic submission is also required 

    ·         The induction fee includes the following:

    • Medal with ribbon
    • AOC Chef Jacket
    • AOC Pin

    Induction will take place during Info Chef in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town when applicable. The fee however does not cover the event.

    Symbolism of the Colours

    ·         The red in the ribbon reflects the passion for the profession.

    ·         The gold trim on the ribbon shows the highest level of recognition, similar to what the Springbok Blazer represents.

    ·         The gold medallion was created to award the members and welcome them into the Honour Society.


The Academy of Chefs Members:

Alicia Wilkinson Manfred Muellers
Andrew Atkinson Manfred Reinhart
Antonette Kennedy Marc Guebert

Brian McCune

Martin Kobald
Bruce McKay Michelle Barry
Bruce Burns Nicholas Froneman
Craig Elliott Norbert Piffl
Daniel Dehon Paul Hartmann
Eugenie Ravenscroft Peter Hallmanns
Eugene Van Wyk Peter Kingham
Fortunato Mazzone Philippe Frydman
Francois  Ferreira Reinhard Nanny
Franz Knuttel Thomas Bosch
Fritz Flatscher Vince Gibbons
Garth Shnier William Stafford
Garth Stroebel Wolfgang Heiduck
George Bopape Dr. Bill Gallagher (Deceased)
George Georgiou Christina Martin (Deceased)
George Willi Germann Daniel Chapat (Deceased)
Gianni Mariano Gavin Rose (Deceased)
Glynn Sinclair George Mazibuko (Deceased)
Heinz Brunner Gordon Tuckett (Deceased)
Jean-Pierre Siegenthaler Hans Heinz Kerber (Deceased)
Jeff Schueremans Kevin Michael Gericke (Deceased)
Kenneth Clark Marina Altini (Deceased)
Kevin Garratt Mark Charlish (Deceased)
Kevin Gibbs Trevor Basson (Deceased)
Kevin Warwick Walter Ulz (Deceased)

Werner Koch (Deceased)

Wolfgang Voigt (Deceased)

Lucas Ndlovu (Deceased)